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Function Generator

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Technical Specifications

Function Generators are one of the most essential instruments in the laboratories. These items are used in the Practical Labs of Teaching Institutions, Quality Control Labs of manufacturers, Development Labs of R & D Centers etc. Function generators normally generate three basic Waves: Sine, Triangle & Square waves of different frequencies and different amplitudes. These functions Generators are very rugged, multipurpose, extremely compact and user-friendly instrument.

  • Frequency Range 5Hz – 50KHz
  • Amplitude 0 – 20V p-p
  • Output Attenuation Steps 3 steps: 0dB, -20dB, -40dB
  • Output Attenuation Fine Continuously Variable: 0 – 20dB
  • Frequency Adjust Steps 4 Decade Steps
  • Frequency Adjust Fine Continuously Variable: 1 Decade
  • Output Type BNC + 4mm Banana Socket
  • TTL Output 2mm Banana Socket
  • Frequency Readout Auto Ranging, 3 Full Digits
  • Dimension 85mm(H) X 195mm(L) X 135mm(W)
  • Weight 900g.

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