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Elevator Maintenance

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Technical Specifications

Regular lift & elevator maintenance is as critical and important as lift/elevator manufacturing and installation. Lifts & elevators are complex machines and needs to be maintained and serviced periodically by experienced and qualified technicians authorized by lift manufacturing companies to ensure smooth & safe ride.

With high rises being the new norm lifts / elevators are not an option but a necessity. Lift breakdown even for a short while brings in chaos. The only solution to minimize or avoid such instances of breakdown is to sign up for lift & elevator maintenance contracts with reputed companies who provide credible maintenance service.

Synchro headquartered in Kolkata is considered one of the best in the industry not only for lift manufacturing & installation but also for lift & elevator maintenance & servicing. Our Lifts’ has over the years established a leader in lift & elevator maintenance service across West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha & Bihar.

We offer multiple options for annual maintenance contract of lifts & elevators or Lift & Elevator AMC as the general term is.

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