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About Us


About Us
Our Company.

Development of innovative products for advancement of civilization & upgrade environment - Our Mission.

Synchro Electronics, an ISO 9001:2015 Certified, is one of the leading Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) manufacturing unit in India suitable for Testing of Ballast, Motor, Transformer, and Relays etc. Synchro Electronics is also Designer & Manufacturer of other Electronic Equipment for the Industries and academic & Research Institutes It has contributed specialized products to many industries of the eastern sector of India. The products related to Automatic Testing, Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Calibration, Maintenance solution etc.

It’s excellence through realizing many challenging tasks for number of companies in India. The members of the organization are busy in creating and manufacturing products of the new era. The products with best utility, quality and palatable esthetic looks. The value for the products is also another measure of items produced by the company.

Development of innovative products for advancement of civilization and upgrade environment of our nation and the globe.

Development and production of industrial and laboratory equipment for the nation and other countries.

To be the leading company in test and measuring equipment manufacturer in the country.

Our supreme quality assurance and unmatched prices have made our products popular and a necessity in the market. Government organisations like MSME have also honoured our sincerity, hard work and dedication in our work field. We are proud to have such dedicated and hardworking team, whose combined effect has led us in the path of success and satisfaction.

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