Welcome To Our Company

'Synchro Electronics' is dedicated to Design, Develop & Manufacture of Electronic Products for the Industries and Laboratories. This Organization was established in the year 1993. From its inception the organization has contributed specialized products to many industries of the eastern sector of India.

The products related to Automatic Testing, Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Calibration etc are the focused area of the company. In the past years, it has proved its excellence through realizing many challenging tasks for number of companies of the eastern region of India. It is powered with a group of energetic and devoted Designers, Developing Engineers and Quality Engineers..

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Why Choose Us?

We are providing service on the following categories like Designing & Development of various Electronics products (Automatic Testing Equipments, Function Generator, High Voltage Tester etc. used in many well known companies of India & abroad ).We also do Project Consultancy of Electrical & Electronics fields for many well known companies and institutes..

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Support & Maintenance

We have a specialized team to provide support Service for all the manufactured items, against any defect due to manufacturing & quality of the components of the product. From the top of the class manufacturers viz.

Philips, Panalytical, Siemens , HP ....

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