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Our supreme quality assurance and unmatched prices have made our products popular and a necessity in the market...



Development of innovative products for advancement of civilization & upgrade environment of our nation and the globe...


R & D

A group of well experienced scientists & engineers are constantly working to ensure our products are ...



We provide industry specific training opportunities for our students. These courses assure ‘at industry’ study where the ...


Welcome to Synchro Electronics

Synchro Electronics is one of the leading Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) manufacturing unit in India suitable for Testing of Ballast, Motor, Transformer, and Relays etc. Synchro Electronics is also Designer & Manufacturer of other Electronic Equipment for the Industries and academic & Research Institutes It has contributed specialized products to many industries of the eastern sector of India. The products related to Automatic Testing, Instrumentation, Industrial Automation, Calibration, Maintenance solution etc.


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Industrial Vocational

Synchro electronics provides industry specific training opportunities for our students. These courses assure ‘at industry’ study where the training occurs at the actual industry. These courses are generally of 1 week. After completion of each course an examination is conducted and each candidate is awarded a certificate with gradation.


  • Basic Electrical Training
  • Repairing of Home Appliances
  • Basic Electronics (Repair of Power Supply & UPS)
  • Maintenance & Repair of Electronics Test Equipment
  • Spoken English & Communication Skill


Clients Testimonials

It is a pleasure to appreciate Synchro Electronics and its proprietor Mr. Indianil Das, associated with Centre of Excellences for Green Energy and Sensor System s, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, In the Ph.D. program, for his contribution that are relevant to the society.

- Prof. Hiranmay Saha, Chair Professor & Coordinator


This is to certify that the instruments which we purchased from Synchro Electronics for our laboratory is working satisfactorily. No failure notice since two years...

- S. Chattopadhyay, Scientist E

STQC, Electronics Regional Test Laboratory (East)

We are glad to inform that electronic testing equipment supplied by M/s Synchro Electronics are working satisfactory.

- A. K. Adhikari, Sr. Manager Development

Philips Electronics India Ltd.

This is to certify that the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for LED rechargeable Lantern you supplied us is being used for testing PCB assembly used in LED Lanterns exclusively manufactured for Eveready Industries India Limited and working satisfactory since then.

- Suddhajit Sinha, GM, Development & Outsourcing

Eveready Industries India Limited

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